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White sexuality coach with a headscarf smiles in front of green foliage
"Ria’s approach is a nurturing, warm embrace. The contained spaciousness of a session allows for exploration with curiosity, while feeling entirely grounded & in touch with both spirituality and nature."
- Heidi

Reclaiming pleasure, power, and connection through radical intimacy.

I'm here to help you get connected to your true wants and needs.


To feel confident communicating deeply with others and creating connections that you really desire.

To live a life guided by the wisdom of your body.

Through mentoring, energy work and hands-on intimacy education we explore how to create deep connections with yourself and others.

I believe that relationships are our medicine - and when we understand their role in our lives they become our path to liberation.

A white energy worker wearing a brown jumper and trousers gives reiki to a black woman lying down who is wearing a white top and hoop earrings

Work With Me

A white energy therapist with a red head scarf smiles and engages with a mentoring client

Bringing simplicity and insight to any challenges you might be facing in your relationships and intimate life. 

We look at what's stopping you from experiencing the connection you really want and use a range of simple techniques, tools and practices to move towards sexual freedom.

A shot of the back of a conscious kink practitioners bum and back in a fishnet stocking, person has tattoos on their back and arm

Deeply consent-led and communication-driven, Conscious Kink is a therapeutic practice that focuses on accessing parts of your psyche that have been hidden or denied (often out of shame) with the aim of reintegrating them, bringing balance and empowerment into your life.

Kink sessions are not inherently sexual, but sexual energy is welcomed and encouraged.

A white person gives reiki to a black person lying down, the person receieving reiki has a serene look on their face as the practitioner puts their hands on their head

Using a gentle combination of reiki, healing touch and intuitive energy work these sessions are centred around deep healing for your entire system.

Your body naturally wants to heal itself - here we encourage the flow of life force energy to promote whole body wellbeing.

As a queer, trans, non-monogamous, neurodivergent person I've never had such ease in exploring "myself" and my life in a therapeutic environment - Ria was absolutely the person who just 'gets it' that I've been looking for.

- Nicks

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