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what is conscious kink?

Conscious Kink is a hands-on practice that uses bodywork, kink and BDSM as a tool for healing, growth and self-discovery.


The practice focuses on discovering and exploring aspects of yourself that might be hidden or obstructed due to shame, trauma or societal expectations and offers these parts space to be seen and reintegrated.

Conscious Kink can include: sensual domming, impact play (spanking, slapping, whipping & flogging), role play, sensory deprivation, humiliation, consensual non-consent, and so much more.


If you're curious or unsure about what you might enjoy, don't worry! I take you through the discovery process and we can explore as we go along.


what do sessions entail?

I offer two types of sessions.

JOURNEY ||  Deep. Experiential. Healing

Together we discover what areas of kink might feel exciting, juicy, healing or important for you to explore. Then, after establishing boundaries and teaching you how to identify and express your needs on a moment-to-moment basis, I take you on a journey into those areas.

In these sessions I always take the dominant role.

EDUCATION ||  Informative. Embodied. Teaching.

In these educational sessions I teach you how to practice certain areas of kink and the communication skills required. After demonstrating and practising these techniques on you, you get to have a go practising on me. Sessions are guided, relaxed and fun! EDUCATION sessions are great for individuals and couples who want to learn how to practice together. 

who are these sessions for?

I work with individuals, couples, polycules or groups and welcome absolute beginners to experienced kinksters. 

**Please note I do not offer a full-service experience. To know my boundaries and limits please email me.** 

These sessions are for you if...

  • Want to experience a healing modality that is both deep AND playful

  • Want or need to experience surrender, letting go and developing trust

  • Are ready to learn skills you can use in ALL of your relationships

  • Want to get out of your head and live more from your body

  • Are looking to get your needs met for touch, intimacy and sexual energy

  • Struggle with communication

  • Want to practice honouring and expressing your boundaries

  • Like (or think you'd like) worshipping and serving



Conscious Kink sessions are completely tailored to each individual, couple or group meaning cost can vary.

The first session is a minimum of 2 hours and includes mentoring, embodied consent and communication skills.


After this sessions are £215 per hour (£240 in London). 

I will consider travellling to you if accomodation and travel fees are covered.

Couples, groups and polycule sessions are higher in price depending on the number of people.

A 30% non-refundable deposit is required to book.

Please get in touch via email at if you want to discuss price before booking a consultation call. Include how many sessions you want, how many people the session is for and where you're located in the country. I will not respond to emails about cost that don't include this information. 

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