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A nurturing and encouraging space to grow. 


Mentoring is a support system that helps you get clear about any difficulties that you might be facing and together find simple, creative ways to enact change in your life.

Using a holistic model, we look at all aspects of your life and wellbeing and how they might be impacting your ability to live a full, empowered and pleasure-filled life.

My speciality is in sexuality, relationships, intimacy, kink & BDSM, embodiment and navigating alternative relationship styles. 


I offer insight and reflection and bring my wealth of tools, practices and skills to help you step into a new chapter of your life.

Find out about Conscious Kink here.

Find out about Energy Work here.



Whilst one-off sessions can be useful for a very specific issue/topic, I recommend having 4 or 6 sessions minimum.

Multiple sessions allow us to go on a journey together, see what practices and tools are working and really support you as you inevitably change and grow. 

6 x 60 minute sessions - £390

4 x 60 minute sessions - £260

One off Session (75 minutes) - £80

One off Session (90 minutes) - £95

Payment plan available.

You can book a consultation call here.

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