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Fri, 12 Jan


Hidden London Oasis

Sensual Sauna

Immerse yourself in a night of sensory delights, deep connection, and conscious touch that transcends gender and sexual orientation.

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Sensual Sauna
Sensual Sauna

Time & Location

12 Jan 2024, 19:00 – 13 Jan 2024, 00:00

Hidden London Oasis, London Borough of Haringey, London, UK

About the event

Welcome to the delights of The Midnight Fruit.

Here you are invited to immerse yourself in a world of queer magic where the moonlight guides us deeper into sensory delights, profound connection, and conscious touch that transcends the boundaries of gender and sexual orientation.

Our events take you on a journey that honours your innate need for co-regulation and celebrates the exquisite beauty of human connection.

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Whilst your sexuality and sensuality is very welcome, please note this a NO GENITAL TOUCH EVENT.

When you enter the portal of The Midnight Fruit, many delights await.


Sensory Sauna Awakening (Fire Element) 🌞

Surrender to the sensual experience of the sauna, where warmth and comfort invite you to explore the richness of your senses. Huddle around the warmth of the fire and connect to its transformative energy.

Benefits include:

✨ Liberation of your senses and sensual self ✨ The flow of heart-centred conversation and connection ✨ Space to honour the beauty of intimacy

✨ Physical benefits of heat exposure

Cosy Hot Tub Relaxation (Water Element) 🌊

Indulge in the soothing embrace of a hot tub, where warm waters relax your body and open your heart to connection. Take a dip in the cold plunge for nervous system regulation and full-body reset.

Benefits include:

✨ Relaxation and stress relief ✨ Enhanced mood and a sense of emotional well-being from nervous system regulation ✨ Intimate conversations and spa-like indulgences ✨ Rejuvenation of body and spirit

Rest & Connection (Earth Element) 🌿

Self and co-regulation in a womb like dome heated for your comfort. Whether it’s holding yourself or connecting with others, allow your animal body to tune into its needs and desires.

Benefits include:

✨ Increased self-awareness and emotional resilience ✨ A grounding and nurturing experience in the company of your community ✨ A deeper connection to your own body and its wisdom

Magic & Mystery (Air Element) 🌬️

We can’t give away too much, of course, because what is the mystery but a sprinkle of magic - and the secret ingredient is you and your imagination and wonder.

Benefits include:

✨ Increased sense of playfulness

✨ Remembering the magic of life

✨ Connection to something other-worldly

✨ Space to let go and co-create


Can you describe the space in more detail?

You will enter through a residential home; our hidden garden sanctuary is a serene and intimate space designed for connection and relaxation. There are two flights of stairs to consider in terms of accessibility; there is one toilet inside the house. The enchanted garden features: •A sauna that comfortably accommodates up to 8 people in a seated position

• A hot tub that can hold ten people shoulder to shoulder • A refreshing cold barrel plunge for an invigorating dip • An outdoor shower surrounded by natural beauty • A beautiful geodome tent offering a space for consensual cuddles and massages • A cosy fire pit with seating for warm gatherings and conversation • Patio space where you can dance to the rhythm of the silent disco • Live musicians to enhance the sensory experience

What is a Sensual Sauna?

In a time where we are so technologically driven and disconnected from ourselves, community and nature itself, we desperately need to remember how to identify, communicate and fulfil our deepest needs as human beings. We need love and connection to survive.

Sensual Sauna’s offer a space to connect to our senses, ourselves and each other. Sensual Saunas are open and welcoming to individuals of all gender identities and orientations.

How can I take care of myself at the event?

• To ensure you feel as at-ease as possible, please clearly communicate your boundaries and practice asking for consent - we will offer some tools and skills to navigate these conversations • Take time out if needed and go slower than you think! • Respect the boundaries of others • Seek assistance or support from the facilitators or assistants as needed

What if I’m new to sensual spaces?

Sensual Sauna events welcome all levels of experience, including those new to such experiences. We aim to create an inclusive space for exploration and connection. Our friendly assistants and facilitators are here to support you if you have any questions or concerns.

What activities may happen?

Activities may include authentic relating exercises, embodiment practices, sensual touch (non-genital), connection exercises, sensory experiences and a good sprinkle of magic. These activities are designed to promote connection, intimacy, and presence. Everything is optional, and there is no pressure to participate in anything.

What should I wear?

You are encouraged to wear clothing that makes you feel comfortable in a sauna and hot tub. Nudity is welcome but not essential. People wear swimsuits.

PLEASE BRING WEATHER APPROPRIATE CLOTHIGN FOR STAYING WARM AND DRY. Make sure to read the welcome email for more information.

Is consent important?

• Consent is a fundamental principle in all our events. All activities are rooted in consent, and attendees are encouraged to communicate boundaries and ask for consent before engaging in any activity. • It is up to you to act with integrity with your boundaries, and the facilitators and assistants are here to support you in this.

What should I bring?

• Pack for the spa, darling!! We recommend bringing a two towels, a cosy robe for comfort, flip-flops, and a water bottle to stay hydrated throughout the event. • We will not provide any of the above, so please come with everything that will make you feel comfortable.

As stated above please read the welcome email when you’ve saved your spot.

What will the evening consist of?

· There will be an opening circle after everyone’s arrived, then we go down to the garden for a real welcome into the space, followed by connection games, sensory meditation and then chance to explore all the sensory zones!

We end the night with a closing circle for those still with us.

Should I eat prior to the event?

• Please make sure you are nourished and hydrated before you arrive.

We recommend not eating too heavily before the event to engage in the sensory experiences fully. Fruit will be provided to keep you nourished and you are welcome to bring any snacks you might desire.

Please ensure you are well-hydrated throughout the evening.

Are there opportunities for solo/group experiences?

Yes, Sensual Sauna offers a blend of solo and group experiences. You are encouraged to explore as you feel comfortable, whether that means connecting one-on-one, joining group activities, or taking moments for personal reflection.

Can I leave the event early if needed?

• Absolutely. You have the freedom to exit the event at any time if you feel uncomfortable or wish to take a break. Your comfort and well-being are paramount, and we encourage you to prioritise self-care.

If you need to leave at any time, please inform the facilitators so we can ensure you are supported.

What about confidentiality?

• Confidentiality is paramount for us, and we always aim to create a space where participants feel secure in sharing and exploring without fear of their experiences being disclosed outside of the event. • We discuss confidentiality at the beginning of the event and ask that all participants do not share the name or identity of anyone else at the event or take photos

What about gender?

• Sensual saunas are a gender-celebrating and gender-affirming evening meaning all bodies are welcome and celebrated.

• Please avoid making assumptions about gender and respect individuals' pronouns and identities; if you want to learn more about gender, you can do so here:

• Our events do not aim to adhere to ‘gender balance’, and no activities will be based on ‘gender pairing.’

• We invite sensuality, intimacy, and connection from a human need perspective to co-regulate through the presence of touch that goes beyond gender.

What are the temperatures of the spa areas?

• The sauna temperature is typically maintained between 80-90 degrees Celsius, while the hot tub is around 38 degrees Celsius. We strive to ensure a comfortable and relaxing experience for all participants. • We offer a cold plunge experience with a temperature typically hovers around 8 degrees Celsius. It's a refreshing and invigorating option for those who wish to partake.

• Please bring warm clothes to wear between zones or by the fire.

Who are the facilitators?

Aj England: Aj is a creative rebel, always charting her own unique path. With a rich and diverse background spanning many years, she has honed her expertise as a psychosynthesis counsellor, relationship and intimacy therapist, trauma specialist, breathwork facilitator, conscious kink and urban tantra practitioner, and authentic relating facilitator. Aj's vast experience is coupled with an innate talent for putting people at ease, infusing depth, wisdom, and a delightful sense of playfulness into her therapeutic work.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Aj is passionate about nurturing a family within a Queer relationship, non-conforming household. She actively seeks to educate and inspire others about the rich tapestry of relationship styles that exist. She's embarking on a journey as an intimacy coordinator for television and film, aiming to bring more diversity and authenticity to on-screen intimacy scenes.

In addition to her therapeutic endeavours, Aj shares her insights through motivational talks and panel discussions. She draws from her personal experiences in conquering challenges, including overcoming cancer and other health conditions, all while wielding the transformative powers of love, surrender, and playful resilience. Aj's journey is a testament to her unwavering commitment to living authentically and fearlessly.

Ria Hope: Ria is an award-nominated sexuality educator, conscious kink practitioner, intimacy enthusiast and general cheeky monkey. In 2018, Ria founded The Naked Sunhouse, a peer-led group designed to provide an accessible space for younger people to talk about sexuality.

Since then, Ria has been paving the way for accessible and down-to-earth information on sexuality and relating and hopes to use her work in this area as a tool for radical social change. She places activism and equality at the forefront of their work, believing that the crux of many issues in the modern world stems from a lack of education on sexuality, connection, and relationships.

Ria hosts workshops in the UK and Europe as well as online workshops, 1-1 conscious kink sessions, energy work & healing touch, sex & relationship coaching and a good dollop of joy.

Limited Spots Available: Secure your spot now for an enchanting night of sensual awakening, profound connection, and holistic well-being. Leave with your senses awakened, your heart open, and your soul nourished.

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