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Learn how to unearth, understand & express your intimate desires.

Using trauma-informed embodiment and communication practices, this eight week course offers you tools to delve into the depths of your own sexual self.

You return to the world with a deeper understanding of who you are, what you need and how your desires can be driving force for creating the relationships that you really want.

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The Journey

In today's fast-paced, capitalism-driven and individualistic world, many of us (understandably) feel disconnected from our true desires.


The environment we are living in reflects and infiltrates our our relationships, intimacy, and sex lives in so many different ways.


As creatures who rely on connection to really thrive, why is it that we find ourselves wandering through life with confusing, difficult or disembodied experiences of connection?

What would life look like if you could learn simple, accessible, body-led listening tools to deepen your relationship with your own wisdom? 

Alive & Whole is an eight-week journey designed to support all individuals in creating relationships and intimacy aligned with what they really want. Here, we provide life-changing tools to shift from confusion and disconnection to empowerment, vitality, and wholeness.

The Curriculum

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Class 1

The Welcome

A profoundly welcoming and non-judgmental starting point. This first session is an opportunity to get really clear on your intentions and deeply welcome all parts of you as the journey begins.

Class 3

Embodiment and Sensuality

As we build safety and get to know each other, we increasingly explore and celebrate our bodily experience as sensual and sexual beings, bringing equal acceptance and reverence to what is easy or difficult, flowing or stuck. This week we bring in the body as a tool for pleasure, play and exploration.

Class 5

Integration Week

Ria and Dave share a vision of a world where everyone’s cycles and need for rest are honoured and incorporated into all that we do. So this is not just a week away from zoom, it is a statement of intent!

Class 7

Learning Flow: 

Communication Skills & Tools for Life

Practical tools, tips and exercises that allow you to communicate your needs and desires to others. We explore staying in the erotic flow, being okay with getting it wrong & allowing yourself to be curious about what's possible.

Class 2

Blocks & Conditioning: Reclaiming your Power

A chance to explore what systems, structures, identities and beliefs are holding us back from letting ourselves want what we want and be who we really are. We will harness the power of compassion, understanding and solidarity to start chipping away at those blocks.

Class 4

The Art of Desire

A chance to immerse in the potentially life-changing approach to desire that threads through this journey, exploring how we can be guided by reverence for our deepest longings and deep care for ourselves and others, instead of by fear and shame.

Class 6

Conscious Kink, Darker Desires & Integrating the Shadow

Where is your edge right now? What are you allowing yourself to want, and what is still Not Permitted? This week we delve into the shadow aspects of our sexuality and how kink can be used as a tool for healing.

Class 8

The Closing

Taking time to reflect and discuss what we might need to integrate the learnings from the course into our everyday lives. Answering any questions you have and saying au revoir for now.

"Ria and Dave hold space in a way I've never experienced before. Their understanding of and care around the topics of desire and trauma are profound, and I felt so welcome to bring my true self–whatever that state was–to any given session. It was so much more than a course–it became a community."

- Past Course Participant

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What is Included?

  • 7 x 2 hour deep dive classes (including embodiment practices, group work, relational practices, solo practices incl. visualisation, guided meditation and more)

  • 1 x 2 hour group integration session

  • Deep community container & online group to share with others

  • A dedicated team of practitioners to support and guide you through the journey and offer immediate support on calls

  • Optional practices and exercises to complement the main body of work

  • Emotional first-aid and regulation tools to take home

Trauma-Informed Exercises

Deeply trauma-informed approach founded on spaciousness and choice, so that you can learn to notice subtle trauma responses in your body and respond to them with greater love and self-care. Our approach is rooted in compassion and understanding, providing a space for your journey towards healing.

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Embodiment Practices

Embodiment exercises, movement, and other practices to reconnect with your body and emotions. Explore the power of somatic experiencing and mindfulness to deepen your self-awareness and promote holistic healing.

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Sexuality Education

Wide-ranging and accessible information on sexuality, suitable for all levels. Gain knowledge and understanding about healthy relationships, consent, boundaries, and sexual well-being. Empower yourself with the tools to make informed choices.

Community Learning

A space to share and learn with others who are on a similar healing journey. Connect with a supportive community and benefit from shared experiences and insights. Together, we can create a nurturing environment for growth and transformation.


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1st April - 20th May 

Every Monday evening
7pm - 9pm GMT

Meetings are held on Zoom.

Recordings will sometimes be available depending on the content. Group work and shares will not be recorded. 

"This is a perfect course for people looking to explore and awaken their sexuality and desires. If you have had some issues with communicating or owning your desires and want a safe and positive space to discuss and unearth then this would be really good for you. This course was excellent in creating a supportive and open space to share and reflect.

As a single person seeking a relationship this has helped me to reflect on what I need and want in the future as I move forward and how I would communicate my desires. Following the course I feel I have unlocked and given permission to myself to move forward."

​- Past Course Participant


This course is for you if...

  • You are longing to get more in touch with your sexuality, and to find a supportive space to celebrate it

  • You feel like you have hidden wants and needs that are asking for conscious, kind attention

  • You are looking for help in communicating your sexual desires to your partner, partners, lovers… or anyone else!

  • You long for a welcoming, sex-positive group environment that will accept you exactly as you are and support you in your journey

This course isn't for you if...

  • You feel unable to commit whole-heartedly to the intention of listening without judgement when others share about sex and sexuality

  • You do not feel safe doing this sort of work online

  • You do not have the resources you need to support yourself in the context of an online course

  • You sense that working on sexuality in this way might bring up trauma or other difficulty *in a way that you will not be able to manage or seek appropriate support for*

Meet the Team

Our team is made up of two main facilitators and a team of assistants.

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