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A shot from above of Ria Hope, a reiki practitioner giving reiki and healing touch to a client lying down

energy work

A space for your system to rest, heal and re-align.

There is a very special place in my heart for energy work. I have found it to be a non-invasive, gentle and deeply profound healing experience that works with the body's natural desire to re-centre and re-align itself. 


In these sessions I use reiki, holistic mentoring, meditation, sound, breathing techniques and light touch to promote full body healing within your system. 


Sessions are done mostly lying on your front or back but can be done in any position that is comfortable to you.

I specialise in working with issues around sexuality, sexual health, relationships and embodiment - but I am open to clients struggling with any disconnection or pain in their life.

where energy work meets sexuality support

Our sexual health, relationships and ability to experience pleasure are all indicators of our wellbeing.

While modern medicine skirts around the subject of sexuality, many ancient lineages and medicine systems such as Ayurveda, Reiki and Chinese Medicine, emphasised that our sexual health is crucial to our overall health.

Reiki promotes balance in the body through the use of healing touch, helping release stuck trauma patterns and blockages that might be impacting your sexuality and relationships and reconnecting you with your own power and vitality.

Trauma and PTSD can also disrupt physical and emotional health, as the body holds onto traumatic experiences until it feels safe enough to release them.

Energy Therapy, Bodywork and Healing Touch provide a beautiful place to seek this sense of somatic safety, to reconnect to your sexuality and let your body do what it needs to do, rather than trying to constantly use the head to work things out.

Our sexual energy is physical, energetical, emotional, and even spiritual - meaning that it's so important that we can build a healthy relationship with this often misunderstood aspect of who we are.

A reiki practitioner giving reiki to a client, the shot is from above of a hand with a tattoo on giving reiki to the clients heart space
Ria Hope gives reiki and healing touch to a client, Ria has their hand on the clients chest and forehead, Ria looks serene and the client has their eyes closed

energy work can support you with...

  • Feeling disconnected from your sexuality and sex drive

  • Feeling unable to locate or express your desires

  • Improving energy levels and physical health

  • Numbness or diminished sensation in the body and the genitals

  • Struggling to feel pleasure or joy in connection

  • Difficulty experiencing orgasms or orgasming 'too quickly'

  • Vaginal dryness or pain or any physical discomfort during sex

  • Having a negative relationship with yourself and your body, feeling disconnected from your body

  • Improving your confidence

  • Mood fluctuations that affect intimacy

  • Developing healthier relationships in all areas of your life

  • Regulating stress levels and promoting rest

Ria Hope, a white sexuality mentor and energy worker, offering healing touch and reiki to a client in a sat up position, Ria sits behind the client in an embrace and has her hand on their chest, both people look serene and have their eyes closed


Whilst one-off sessions undoubtedly have benefits, I always recommend having a minimum of 4 to 6 sessions.

Having multiple sessions allows you to really benefit from the profound healing effects of this work and be supported as you inevitably change and grow.

6 x 60 minute sessions - £450

4 x 60 minute session - £300

One-off session (90 minutes) - £115

One-off session (120 minutes) - £150

Booking requires a 30% deposit.

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