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It seems that I was brought into this world destined to explore human connection. 

From a young age I was always curious about connection; from encouraging people to have a smooch under the 'kissing coat' in primary school to advocating for healthy sexuality as a part of life throughout my teens.


At the age of 22 I started a community project called The Naked Sunhouse. The aim of this project was to provide a peer-led space where people from all walks of life (but especially younger people) could come together to talk about sexuality and relationships.


Since 2019 I've ran countless workshops, courses discussions and talks across the UK and Europe and taught alongside world-renowned sexuality professionals. In 2022 I was also finalist for the 'Pioneer of the Year' award at the Sexual Freedom awards.

I am a queer, non-monogamous, kinky human being with a penchant for life! I love fruit, sunshine, stretching my body, reading erotic poetry, drinking tea with friends and letting the mystery of life guide me onwards. 


my journey



My Training:

Sexology Diploma, UKCHT (2021 - Present)

Reiki I & II, Holistic Coaching, Beyond-Trauma Training and Intro to IFS, Earth School Clinic (2022-2023)

Mentee of Seani Love - Experienced Conscious Kink Practitioner and Coach (2020 - 2022)

Shadow Tantra & Conscious Kink Practitioner Training, School of Erotic Mysteries (2022)

Trans Awareness Training, Sam Hope (2021)

Trauma Training for Group Facilitators, Rex Brangwyn & Jewels Wingfield (2021)

Other Experience: 

- 5 years exp. running sexuality events in UK & Europe

- Event hosting and retreat organisation

- BA in English Literature with a focus on Sexuality and Psychedelics

- Providing Queer Sexual Health support across Greater Manchester (LGBT Foundation 2020-2022)

- Consulting on LGBTQ+ topics, business management, content creation and copywriting

- Self study topics: Tantra, Nervous System, Social Justice, Intersectionality, Non-Monogamy, Somatic Awareness, Yoga, Meditation

- Finalist for Pioneer of the Year 2019, Sexual Freedom Awards 

why do I do this work?

It's undoubtable that as a species we are facing a connection crisis. 

Most human beings don't know what they want, desire or need from their relationships and intimate experiences, let alone how to communicate these needs with others.

And this isn't our individual fault - we aren't taught how to connection authentically with others or how to understand our sexuality and the way it works. And so it can get really messy, really quickly. You can watch me speak about the connection crisis more here.


I have always believed that if we can learn to connect with who we truly are, deep down beneath all the conditioning and expectations, and we can share this truth with others, we will absolutely create a healthier world. 


When I first started engaging in sex-positive spaces, I was shocked by the lack of diversity in these spaces. For me breaking taboos around sexuality and connection meant dismantling the systems of oppression that try to keep us apart. 

I didn't see many people trying to use sex-positivity as a force for radical social change - which I felt was a huge waste of the naturally progressive quality of working with sexuality in a sexually oppressed world. So... I started one myself!

I think sex and intimacy education should be available to everyone, including speaking to the nuances in the ways that sexuality can be expressed and understood, including awareness of sex and disability, neurodiversity, queerness, race, class and so much more.

I do this work because I need to be part of the change that is happening in the world. I do it because for me there is no other way!


Our relationship to sexuality is changing and I am here to support people in reconnecting to their own life force energy and teach them how to use connection as a way to heal the world.

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